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Muvizu is an utility for creating and editing animated movies with which you can start producing your very own short film in a matter of just a few hours.

Usually, to use these kinds of programs, you need to take a course that lasts several weeks in order to learn how to use all its features. Movizu radically changes all this. You can find 27 tutorials on its website (each one of less than 10 minutes long), which will guide you step by step throughout the creation of your very first short animated film.

Movizu is a very easy-to-use application that doesn't require a lot of time to make a movie. However, at the same time you can't expect miracles. It is an intuitive program with a very convenient interface, but it has too many features and options for you to just dive right in without having first gone through the tutorials.

The Lite version has the complete and entirely functional version of Muvizu, but with a basic character and scenery package, which you can add to by downloading content packets. So, you can select which content you wan tot add without having to download it all at once.

Those who have experience with similar programs as well as those who are completely new to 3D graphic creation will enjoy Muvizu. You just need to dedicate a bit of time and you will get spectacular results.
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